Rig Drilling

Types and Uses of Modern Rig Drilling Equipment

When people think of rig drilling equipment or machines, countless ideas may come to mind. 

In order to avoid confusion on the subject matter, it is necessary to keep in mind the type and use of drilling rigs being talked about, knowing that this equipment is abundant in the market.

Over the past decades, the drilling industry has evolved and progressed tremendously, giving way to more innovative, efficient, and safe drilling methods and technologies. 

This article will tackle the different types and uses of modern drilling rigs and how they are changing the landscape of the drilling industry.

What Are Rig Drilling Equipment and What Are They Used For?

From foundation and well drilling to geotechnical and environmental exploration, drilling rigs are used to drill a hole to finish the project safely with a minimum cost. 

In achieving these goals, the rigs require qualified personnel, different types of drilling equipment, and the application of a wide variety of drilling technology.

Drilling rigs are large pieces of equipment, either mounted on a crawler or a truck, designed to drill into the ground to extract natural gases and oil or to drill water wells.

rig drilling

Types of Drilling Rigs

There are different types of drilling rigs, and their uses are dependent on the specific requirements needed for the drilling site. Here are some examples of drilling rigs.


Additionally, there are two main types of drilling rigs, autonomous crawlers, and truck or trailer-mounted. 

Types of Drilling Technologies

There are different types of drilling technologies available today depending on the soil type and depths that need to be reached.

Here are some of the examples of drilling types.

  • Rotary Drilling

One of the most efficient and widely used technologies in the oil and gas industry. This method digs a hole by grinding the rock with a tool under the effect of weight and rotation. 

  • Down-the-hole drilling

This drilling type utilizes drilling rigs that drill using a rotary cutter (drill head) and hammer the bottom of the hole with a pneumatic hammer. 

  • Top hammer drilling

This method operates on a percussion system, but one that remains outside the borehole. This type is mainly used for small-diameter drillings, such as mineral exploration or the installation of tie rods in rock.

  • Sonic Drilling

Sonic technology is one of the most advanced methods of soil penetration that uses high-frequency resonance inside the sonic head that creates a liquefying effect on the surrounding soil structure allowing the core barrel to advance. This method is known for its speed, versatility, superior core samples, and safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Deep Do Drilling Rigs Go?

It depends on the rig or drilling type. For instance, a rig used for rotary drilling can reach significant depths of up to 5,000 meters, while Down-the-hole drilling can reach a depth of up to 4,000 meters.

How Many Wells Can a Rig Drill?

It depends on the type of wall you are drilling and how sophisticated is the rig that you are using. There are available water well drilling rigs designed to ensure maximum operational flexibility and mobility, even in the most challenging environments.

For further questions and inquiries regarding drilling equipment and services, we suggest talking with a reputable drill rig company that develops unique products and services for the complex and rapidly evolving drilling industry.