Excavator Mounted Drill

Excavator Mounted Drill: Ideal for Drilling Operations Requiring Extra Reach and in Constricted Areas

Drilling rigs are types of construction equipment used to make holes in the earth’s surface to take samples from mineral deposits and test the physical properties of rocks, soil, and groundwater.

This equipment varies in size and can be massive in structures or small enough to be moved manually by a single person. When choosing the right type and size of drilling rig for your drilling operation, it is crucial to determine what the drilling rig will be intended for, as well as the type of ground it will be operating on.

For instance, an excavator mounted drill is designed for drilling applications that require extra reach or working in constricted or confined areas, where certain soil conditions such as limited space make it difficult to use a crawler-mounted drilling rig.

The types of job sites that this rig can perform well include mine, docks, road constructions, rock walls, slope founding projects, and many others.

Advantages of Using an Excavator Mounted Drill

Excavator mounted drills represent a whole new and innovative drilling technology. The concept is based on the principle of attaching the unit to the excavator, allowing the utilization of the existing hydraulic system. Changing the bucket for the drilling unit only takes a few minutes.

The advantages of using this type of drill are pretty much obvious. The equipment can perform diverse tasks such as drilling and excavations efficiently.

The automatic controlling system that incorporates the hydraulic and the electrical system has reduced human labor significantly, which takes only one person to operate everything.

With the help of these excavator-mounted drills, highly efficient drilling becomes possible due to the wide working radius and better maneuverability of the drill rig.

The percussion hour to engine hour ratio is very high, which is significantly sophisticated compared with conventional drilling rigs.

Excavator Mounted Drill

Solving Insurmountable Obstacles in Any Jobsite

Excavator mounted drills are very helpful in solving obstacles through their efficiency, preciseness, and an amount of sheer power that makes the impossible possible.

These hydraulic drilling rigs installed at the end of the excavator booms are using the excavator boom movements combined with a slewing ring to reach a maximum range of mast positions and inclinations.

All mast movements and the rotary heads are power-driven by the suitably fitted hydraulic circuit of the excavator.

Lastly, these types of drilling rigs can be equipped with rotary heads and hydraulic drifters that can mobilize rotary and rotary-percussive drilling systems.

The whole structure and the drilling movements can be controlled by the operator directly from the excavator cabin using the radio remote control with great advantages in terms of effectiveness, output, and safety.