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Drill Rig Company: Making Every Driller’s Job Easier

Different civilizations in the past had been using drilling primarily for locating and extracting oil.

And since then, it has evolved tremendously, including the methods used, technology, and application.

Today, drilling is used not solely for oil extraction but also for infrastructure, construction and development, mining, environmental exploration, and more. 

From a highly primitive technology to more advanced drilling methods such as sonic drilling, every drill rig company has come a long way.

One of the main goals of all these innovations in the drilling methods and equipment is to make the job of every driller easier by providing sound solutions to various site challenges. 

This article will focus on the various drilling technologies and the type of drilling rig to choose.  

Types of Drilling Technology

There are different types of drilling technology being offered by various drill rig companies today. 

The three existing major classifications of a drilling system include top hammer drilling, down-the-hole (DTH) hammer drilling, and the last one is rotary drilling.

Top Hammer Drilling

The most common type of drilling utilizes drilling rigs operating on a percussion system but remains outside the borehole. 

They are generally used for small diameter drillings, such as mineral exploration. It is also applicable for shallow boreholes, as there can be significant deviation due to the type of the ground being drilled.

These types of drilling rigs can operate more efficiently on consolidated land and are capable of inclined drilling.

Down-the-Hole (DTH) Hammer Drilling

This second classification of drilling system uses drilling rigs that drill with a rotary cutter and hammer the bottom of the hole with an air-filled hammer. The unearthed material rises on the surface due to the pressure of the compressed air in the hammer. 

These drilling rigs are formidable and have higher drilling rates in medium to hard rocks.  It can also function in larger-diameter boreholes with a depth of up to 4,000 meters.

drill rig company

Rotary Drilling

This third system uses a massive and heavy downward pressure to keep the drill bit in contact with the rock and slowly claw away at the rock mass, placing large-diameter boreholes. This type of drilling is primarily used in oil production. 

Types of Drilling Rigs

Crawler Drilling Rigs

If you are working on very loose ground where you need to move at a low speed, using crawlers is the best solution. 

However, the stability of the rig depends on the surface area of the tracks. The wider the tracks, the more stable the rig will be. 

These crawler-mounted rigs travel about 4 km/h. Hence, they are better suited for work that requires less travel.

Truck or Trailer-Mounted

These types of drilling rigs are not independent in terms of movement or energy source. Instead, they may come from the transport truck or a generator. 

Also, these types of rigs are inexpensive compared to crawler drilling rigs.

The Combined Efforts of a Drill Rig Company and Operators

The key to drillers’ success is matching the right equipment and tooling for their ground conditions.

Modern drillers continuously analyze and adapt their drilling methods to cope with the ever-changing and sometimes unexpected conditions on the ground. 

Meanwhile, drill rig companies are also persistent in their search to make drilling equipment safer, more user-friendly, and more efficient. 

The feedback from drilling operators are also necessary for improving equipment design and functionality

Their collaborative efforts have resulted in continuous innovation in the industry and drilling technology.