The Different Types of Marketing Agency Melbourne

If ever you have created the determination to subcontract your advertising, it could be perplexing to work out which sort of advertising agency you have to appoint. You will find numerous kinds of advertising agencies each extending a distinct service.

Frequently an agency is going to specialize in one area just but quite a few could combine services. Companies also differ in size with several employing numerous specialists whilst others could operate as single traders.

marketing agency Melbourne

Marketing Agency Melbourne: The Different Types


Advertising companies produce, have, as well as create marketing campaigns across print (magazines, newspapers), outdoor (bus shelters, billboards, etc.), radio, and TV. A few will even book advertising space also.


Brand companies focus on creating brand personalities – the business, visual identity, name, positioning, etc. They typically embark on market research to help with the improvement of the brand. Brand companies usually incorporate look like the method of creating brand calls for the improvement of visual identity (logo etc.). A brand agency is most often used when a business is starting up or maybe an existing company is rebranding.


Design companies provide graphic design services – transforming a brand/message into a visual form. They will typically cover anything from developing a logo to creating the artwork for packaging, stationery, and advertising.


Digital / Internet marketing

Digital or maybe web-based advertising agencies are worried about any advertising concerning the Internet. They concentrate on maximizing the number of guests to a company’s site and engaging prospective clients when they are on the web site. A few digital agencies also offer email advertising services.

Market Research

Market analysis agencies layout carry out and article on and/or analyze exploration on behalf of businesses. The investigation might be qualitative (e.g. in-depth research and focus groups), quantitative (e.g. Omnibus), and/or maybe fieldwork.


Media companies specialize in the preparation and purchasing advertising and marketing space. This function is typically also integrated into an advertising bureau.


Print agencies take on a company’s print work and delegate it to a printer. The bureau takes responsibility for guaranteeing that the task is presented on time, spending budget, and fulfills the requirement.

Public Relations (PR)

PR companies are interested in making certain a business and its products and services are actually pointed out in the media (magazines, newspapers, radio, and TV) along with other essential retailers (e.g. conferences, tradeshows) for getting info about the business to potential clients. They concentrate on producing free editorial not paid for advertising.

Social Media

A new phenomenon, social media agencies assist companies to create and keep a presence on social network platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.

Web Design

Web design companies develop, create, and host sites. Many of them additionally offer digital, on the internet, and social internet marketing services.

A marketing consultant is an umbrella over all these solutions. A marketing agency Melbourne is going to work with a business to create a marketing tactic and will then take in the right agencies and specific ability sets to provide the marketing approach.