Basic Guide to Using Non Slip Outdoor Tiles

Suppose you aim to buy tiles for your washroom, kitchen area, laundry room, and even an active corridor. In that case, it is essential to consider the safety and security of these often-wet locations. Several ceramic tiles are readily available that are developed to be both fashionable and secure, with non-slip flooring ceramic tiles offering the perfect service for every area that has the prospect of becoming wet and unsafe.

non-slip ceramic tiles

What are Non Slip Outdoor Tiles?

Unlike the smooth surface area of standard tiles, anti-slip flooring ceramic tiles provide added grasp with a matt polish which includes an appearance to the ceramic tile surface. The polish does not compromise on the completed tile’s appearance or longevity, as there are numerous styles, patterns, and dimensions readily available to match every tiling job.

Many terms are utilized to describe non-slip floor tiles, including anti-slip ceramic tiles, responsive tiles, slip-proof tiles, and non-slippery floor tiles. Nevertheless, each expression merely describes floor tiles that provide enhanced hold when damp.


Non slip outdoor tiles are available to match every atmosphere, with layouts readily available for every room size, design, and structure. With incomparable usefulness, a lovely coating, and superb sturdiness, there are several advantages of non-slip flooring tiles, consisting of:

– Enhanced security– Accidents do take place, especially in busy homes. Nonetheless, anti-slip flooring tiles will undoubtedly enhance the safety and security of your floor tiles in areas where wetness is common.

– Low upkeep– From spilled drinks to muddy impacts, tiled flooring is quick to move, hoover as well as a mop.

– Sturdiness– Along with shower rooms and kitchens, ceramic tiles are an excellent selection for areas with heavy tramps, such as hallways and entries. With anti-slip ceramic tiles readily available in a range of products, you can mount elegant floor covering which will withstand day-to-day damage for several years.

– Layout– There are numerous potential non-slip floor tile designs readily available, so you make sure to find a layout that is best for your inside. Multiple colors, sizes, and appearances are readily available, from traditional designs to patterns and modern ceramic tiles.

What Types are Available?

Most non slip outdoor tiles adhere to a scoring system, with gradings from R9 through to R13. In terms of residential use, the R9 ceramic tiles will provide a fundamental anti-slip layer, and also R12 tends to be the greatest non-slip ranking utilized. Regarding public buildings such as recreation centers, washrooms, and industrial spaces with pools, the R13 tiles are the specialist choice as they use a high amount of slip resistance.

The following is a comprehensive introduction of the potential rankings:

– R9– These are basic matt finish ceramic tiles that provide a crude finish suitable for basic residential usages, such as in hallways, entryways, and laundry rooms.

– R10– Providing a slightly even more slip immune surface area than the R9 ranked tiles, these are suitable for tiling floorings with a minor slope. Most of the R10 tiles have a matt coating, although some unglazed choices are available.

R11 and R12– These floor tiles are readily available as both unglazed and glazed options, as well as they are the highest degree of slip-resistance typically offered for domestic usage. This surface area is optimal for use in wet rooms, washrooms, bathrooms, and ensuites. They are additionally utilized in industrial settings such as flight terminals, shopping centers, and resorts.

– R13– This is the greatest anti-slip rating readily available, and they are usually just utilized by regional councils or when specified by a designer or architect. If safety and security are the crucial elements in an area, these are the tiles to use.