3 Ways to Track Your Machinery Maintenance

When was the last time you had machinery checked, fixed, or changed? Much more importantly: how do you preserve your tools?

High-functioning tools are vital to the success of your organization. Need your most crucial equipment malfunction suddenly; the results can be disastrous to your growth, procedures, and ultimately, your bottom line. That’s where machinery maintenance enters play: it reduces the chance of unforeseen malfunctions and boosts performance, leaving you free to focus on the company as usual.

machinery maintenance

What is Machinery Maintenance?

Equipment maintenance is any preventative or corrective process, cleaning, or upgrade related to a business’s properties to keep them running efficiently. It might be put on any vital machinery that the service relies upon for typical operation, including shipment cars, heating and cooling makers, forklifts, refrigerators, ovens, etc.

How to Track Tools Maintenance

Prepared to use device maintenance measures for your service? Here are three simple ways to track or log each inspection, repair work, or equipment update.

Pen and Paper

While it’s not one of the most technologically-savvy methods, pen and paper are the quickest and easiest methods to get going as you log maintenance actions. Naturally, this approach has more disadvantages than digital mediums; for example, it can be tough (as well as unpleasant) to track what’s been done or needs to be done, particularly if examinations require rescheduling. Handwriting anything is likewise more time-consuming than other strategies and more likely to be shed and neglected by your maintenance team.

As a manager, this technique will undoubtedly compel you to continuously chase down your workers to figure out the development of a work order to see if it’s in progress or finished. If you choose this approach, most of your time will be lost in countless back-and-forth with your staff members.


Spreadsheets are much more organized and maintain all your work orders in one centralized place. Nevertheless, it suffers from many of the same troubles; the problem is managing your group. You still need to continuously advise your staff members of the job orders designated to them and follow up with them to understand the progression of a work order. While spreadsheets may be more effective than pen and paper, you will still need to complete the mass of info by hand if you opt for this method of logging equipment upkeep actions.

Maintenance or Work Order Software Application

Without a doubt, the most effective of your choices, a work order software is your best bet for staying organized as you plan tools upkeep. An excellent order software program may be available for desktop computer and mobile usage and comfortably available in the application store. It is a centralized, digital database to develop and track your existing work orders, making it very easy to remain on top of all tools maintenance activities. Several options are readily available, so spend a long time investigating which program could function best for your service.